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Lisa Young, LCSW,CAC II


While I’ve been in the field of mental health recovery for 14 years,

I began this journey of specializing in trauma resolution 7 years ago.  I learned that talk therapy could only get people so far, despite their courage and desire to go further with their healing.

I trained in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma work with additional training in eating disorders, sexual trauma, and attachment.   I've also trained in Richard Schwartz's Internal Family Systems model.

I love how these two models, combined, work with the wisdom of the body and mind and focus on helping our resilience emerge.  We will look not just at the symptoms, but at your overall health.  

In my practice, I am passionate about bringing forth the most integrative care possible for you.  This means that in addition to the body-mind-spirit work that we will do, I collaborate with other practitioners from nutritionists, to acupuncturists, to trauma-informed body workers to help build your healing network.




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Each of us works from an intelligent natural design for health, survival and healing.  I help people who have experienced trauma understand and work with their symptoms, rather than against them.  The symptoms that bring you into therapy are part of the wisdom that moves within you to allow your healing.  This is your system's way of calling out to you to move toward greater health.  This is how we move from simply coping with our lives to fully living them.

Because our recovery is unique to us as individuals, it requires an integrative approach.  This means working physiologically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually with the experiences you've had.

As a body-centered therapist, I work with the nervous system to help you achieve a sense of equilibrium and to restore your relationship with your internal warning system and health.  This is the most direct and clear pathway to understanding both the imprint your experiences have left on you and how to regulate and heal yourself from within.

From there we get to work with the mental and emotional forces underneath those physiological cues.  These adaptive forces of the mind simultaneously keep us from being in touch with the painful or traumatic events and keep us from our vitality and core sense of Self.  

So we will look at some of the following questions:   How is your relationship with sleep?  Do you feel you have unpredictable mood swings?  How is your nutrition?  Do you struggle to set boundaries in relationships or stand up for yourself?  Do you live with chronic pain with little explanation? How much energy do you feel you have for your life?  Do others describe you in ways that don't feel true to You?

I know that we can heal from trauma. I’ve experienced it and have seen it with my clients.  I believe it occurs when we can change our relationship with the traumatic experience and that is my focus for our work.   

I work from a place of curiosity and great respect for the resilience and courage that brings you in . You can expect to be treated with respect, integrity, and compassion.  

Reach out.

I’m here for you, right now.  



  • In order to make therapy affordable, a fee-reduction of services is available based on need.

  • Individual sessions are $140 per 60 minute hour.


  • Lisa is a provider with Denver Medicaid, Access Behavioral Care.

  • Lisa is not an in-network provider for other insurance companies, however, please check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse for out of network providers. I can provide a Super Bill for your insurance company.


Lisa Young LCSW, CAC II

1731 E. 16th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218


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